Personal Storage Unit - How To Competently Use One For Belongings


Personal storage units are available to anyone who needs extra room for their belongings. If you plan to rent one for a few months or longer, here are some crucial actions to take. Avoid Storing Flammable And Hazardous Materials Although most storage facilities allow you to keep a lot of items inside their units, there are some things you should avoid storing. That includes anything toxic or flammable. These items would only create safety hazards that make your personal storage unit unsafe to use and be around.

11 July 2023

Tips For Safe, Successful Winter Moving


Summer is the busiest moving season. People take advantage of the time between school years and good weather to make a relocation easy. However, sometimes you can't control the month you move in, so you'll need a cold weather plan. Moving in the winter does bring some additional challenges, but with the right precautions and preparations, your move can be safe and successful. Here are some tips for winter moving. 

25 September 2018

Moving In With Someone For The First Time? What You Want To Know


If you have decided that it's time to move in with your partner or soon to be spouse, and the living quarters will not accommodate both of your things, you may be wondering who's items you're going to use. There may be bits and pieces and that you want to take of what you each have now, but there are some important things that you want to remember when you move in.

24 February 2017

Tips For Saving Space In Your Small Storage Unit


You may be surprised to learn just how big a self-storage unit really is. While the storage units on shows like Storage Wars can be fairly large, units can also be as small as a walk-in closet. That is why you need to know some tips for saving space in a storage unit so you are not wasting money on empty space. Purge Things You Don't Need The need for self-storage can often be rushed, since you may quickly need to remove things from your home that you don't have the room for anymore.

6 June 2016

Reasons To Rent A Storage Unit For Your Still-At-Home Elderly Parent


Do you have an elderly parent who is still living in his or her home? You may or may not know this, but it can be extremely helpful to rent your parent a storage unit. In fact, here are four key benefits to renting a storage unit for your elderly parent. Time Saver Renting a storage unit for an elderly parent can be a huge time saver. If your parent wishes to age in their own home for as long as possible, moving some things to a storage unit will help if the time comes to move them into assisted living.

8 April 2016

Commercial Moving Projects: Why It's Best To Let The Experts Do The Dirty Work


If you are moving into a smaller office space but you don't want to get rid of the items that you won't be using any longer, talk with the moving company about a storage space. Hiring a professional moving company and having them help you with the work may end up being the most practical thing. To move an entire commercial property efficiently, you would need to rent a moving truck, rent equipment to haul items, spend time packaging and loading and more.

9 November 2015

Using A Professional Moving Crew? Don't Forget To Tip


When you're starting to get ready for an upcoming move, one of the big decisions that you'll face is whether to handle your possessions on your own or hire a moving company. The latter choice is ideal, especially when you're facing a long-distance move, for a number of reasons. Professional movers are not only adept at moving your belongings without damaging them, but will also work quickly to get the job done quicker than you could on your own.

4 November 2015