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Growing Your Online Sales Inventory Using Self-Storage Units

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Becoming a seller on the online auction websites can help to generate additional income for your household. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find enough space in your home to store the inventory for your sales. One way to increase your inventory without having everything take over your home is to use a local storage unit to keep all of your inventory in. Before you go boxing everything up to take to storage, there are a few things that you can do to make the selling process much easier for you while storing your inventory away from your home. Take Pictures Before you box or package anything, get several pictures of the item from all angles. The background of the pictures should be plain and shouldn’t distract the potential buyers of the products that you are offering. Create an Inventory Log Now that you have pictures, create an inventory log on your computer. Include an inventory number, a description, and the pictures that you have taken. Be careful as you number each item because this is the code that you will use when you pull and send the item that your buyer has purchased. Mistakes made now will result in your customer receiving the wrong item. Package the Items Prior to hauling your inventory over to the storage unit, package everything up. Pack and weigh each item and log the weight onto the inventory log. This will help you in the shipping process. Tip: Remove the batteries from any battery operated product to protect the product from damage from battery acid leaks. Box Up the Inventory As you box up the inventory to take it to storage, do so in an organized manner. Use the inventory number to put the packages in the boxes in numerical order. On the outside of the box, write what inventory numbers are contained in the box. Organize the Storage Unit Multiple shelving units are necessary to have a truly organized space. If the unit begins to become overfull, purchase some shelving units on wheels. This way, you can use the storage space in the center of the unit and still be able to access the contents on the back wall by rolling the moving shelves out of the unit. Choose a climate-controlled storage unit for your inventory. This way, you know that moisture, heat and cold won’t damage your inventory as you wait for the items to sell. Talk with your local storage unit facility manager to learn about the hours that the units are accessible and if there are any restrictions that could prevent it from housing your inventory without breaking any rules. For professional storage options, contact a company such as American...

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5 Reasons To Store Holiday Gifts In A Storage Unit This Holiday Season

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Keeping presents hidden during the holidays can be difficult if you have a home that is already packed with items and with nosey family members. If you have family that hunts for their presents year after year, throw them for a loop by storing their presents in a storage facility this year. The following guide walks you through a few of the benefits of storing holiday presents in a storage facility rather than storing them at your home. Keep Items Safe and Secure You do not want to risk storing the presents in a shed or your car until the holidays arrive because someone could steal the items. Keeping them in a storage unit allows you to secure them so that no one can gain access to them except for you. Keep Items Organized Storage units are available in many different sizes so you can store large or small items in an organized fashion. You can always know what you have already purchased. Storing the gifts in a storage facility allows you to have ample room to stack items so you do not have to worry about them being damaged while they are being stored. Only Rent for a Temporary Time Period Many storage facilities allow you to rent the storage unit for as long or as short a period of time as you would like. This allows you to rent the unit for a few weeks to a full month rather than having to be locked into a six month or year long contract. Ensure Gifts Are Actually a Surprise Storing gifts at a friend or family member’s house is not a good idea because they could spill the beans to your loved ones and ruin the surprise. Storing the gifts in the storage facility ensures that your secrets stay safe and no one finds out what they are getting ahead of time. Renting a storage facility is a very quick and easy process. You will have to pay a security deposit when you rent the unit so that the facility can make any necessary repairs to the unit, if you cause damage to it while you are storing your items in it. If you do not cause any damage, the facility will return the money to you when you terminate your rental agreement with them after the holiday season. For more information, visit a storage facility like Redondo Van &...

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Avoid Treble: Store Your Piano In One Of These Three Low Places To Keep It Safe

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The very definition of treble refers to “high,” so avoiding treble means that you want to avoid high notes or high places. As you will see, this definition of “treble” can apply to piano storage. You do not want to store your piano in a high (treble) place, but a low place. (You also want to store your piano where the temperature and humidity levels will not trouble the sound board.) Here are three low places that make for excellent piano storage. Below the Stage on an Elevator Platform Whenever possible, it makes the most sense to store a piano underneath a stage and cover it with a piano tarp. If the piano is also a grand or baby grand, then it makes really good sense to store it right on top of the elevator platform that lifts the piano through a trapdoor to the stage. Storing it under the stage keeps the piano safe from the elements, protects it against theft and vandalism, and stores it conveniently close to the performance area. In a Temperature-Controlled Storage Unit Because pianos rely heavily on their sound boards for perfect tune and pitch, the piano must be stored where heat, humidity and freezing temperatures cannot affect it. A temperature-controlled storage unit on the ground level is ideal because you can control how much humidity the piano is exposed to and set the storage unit temperature for a constant level consistent with the proper care and storage of a piano. Avoid storing the piano in a second story storage unit to avoid damage associated with high wind storms, tornadoes, structural collapse, etc. Stick to the storage unit companies that have only one level on the ground. With a Piano Seller Some piano sellers provide piano storage on their properties. If you select this option, you can also take advantage of the store’s expert piano tuners and piano repair. Since they are in the business of selling, repairing and delivering pianos, you can request that the store pick up and drop off your piano any time you need it. They can also tune it for you prior to delivering it to your performance stage such that you do not have to hire a separate piano tuner to do the job before your performance. When your performance is over, you can have the piano sellers pick the piano back up and return it to their store or piano warehouse for safekeeping. (They never store their pianos up high, either.) For more information and help with piano storage and moving, click...

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Need To Cut Back On Your Self-Storage Costs? Consider These 3 Potential Discounts

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While you may want to get some things out of sight that are in your home or apartment, having the additional cost of a storage unit will be something you need to fit into your budget. Those small rooms that are on average 150 square feet can easily cost as much as $140 every single month. Every dollar you save helps, which is why you should look into one of these three discounts on your storage unit. 1. Student Discount If you are used to showing your student ID to get into your local movie theater for a discounted price, you are probably already aware of the benefits you can get by being a student. You may not have thought of how local self-storage facilities also offer reduced rates for students This is because the self-storage business can be very competitive when trying to win over college students. Thousands of students need a place to store their belongings during the summer when between apartments or dorms, and you would be surprised at the discounts that are offered to try to get your business. A local storage facility may waive their administration fees for signing up, offer a reduced rate, or even let you borrow a moving truck to get everything to and from your storage unit. Just have your ID on hand when you go to sign up to prove you’re currently a student. 2. Military Discount Active members in the military are another group of people that can find themselves needing self-storage while they are deployed, so be sure to ask about the potential discounts that are offered. While other discounts may give you a free month of rent if you’re lucky, military discounts frequently last for the entire duration of the unit rental. If someone in your household is an active member of the military and they use the storage unit, you can benefit from these savings too. 3. Referral Discount If you know somebody that currently has a storage unit, ask about if their facility has a referral program. It is not unheard of to offer both parties a discount on their storage in the form of a free month rent or a gift card. Referring friends is also a great way for you to rake in those credits too, because the savings are endless if you can get a lot of people to say that you referred them to the self-storage facility. Now that you know of some easy ways to save on your self-storage, you’ll never pay full price again. Find out if a local storage business, such as Epic Group Inc, offers any discounts for potential...

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