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Tips For Saving Space In Your Small Storage Unit

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You may be surprised to learn just how big a self-storage unit really is. While the storage units on shows like Storage Wars can be fairly large, units can also be as small as a walk-in closet. That is why you need to know some tips for saving space in a storage unit so you are not wasting money on empty space. Purge Things You Don’t Need The need for self-storage can often be rushed, since you may quickly need to remove things from your home that you don’t have the room for anymore. It’s important to take some time to go through the things that you plan to put in storage, and then purge items that you don’t need to cut down on what goes to storage. Evaluate Cost vs. Space of an Item Self-storage isn’t free, which is why you need consider the size of an item and the price of how much it costs. For instance, you may own a couch that’s quite large but is relatively cheap and easy to replace. If the couch is consuming most of the storage unit, you may end up paying for the couch several times over by having it take up so much of a storage unit. Consider selling very large items that are cheap to replace if you eventually need them again. Use Vacuum Space Bags Many items are bulky and take a up a lot of room, but finding a way for them to take up less space can make it viable for storage. Old clothes, blankets, pillows, and bedding are perfect for storing in vacuum space saving bags. Fabric can shrink down fairly tight, which will allow you to store more things in the same amount of space. Use The Empty Spaces Many large items have empty spaces that can also be used for storing even more things. This can include a dresser, washing machine, or even a refrigerator. Don’t let the empty space go to waste when you could be packing them with more things. Use Boxes Instead of Bags You might be trying to save money by using big garbage bags to store items in the storage unit, but they will be costing you money in wasted space. Boxes work great because you’re able to stack them all the way to the storage unit’s ceiling to maximize your space. Consider buying plastic bins that are made with clear plastic, since it will let you see inside each bin when you need to find something. Now that you know these tips for saving space in storage, contact a self-storage company like Ventu Storage Center to get more information about renting a unit in your...

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Reasons To Rent A Storage Unit For Your Still-At-Home Elderly Parent

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Do you have an elderly parent who is still living in his or her home? You may or may not know this, but it can be extremely helpful to rent your parent a storage unit. In fact, here are four key benefits to renting a storage unit for your elderly parent. Time Saver Renting a storage unit for an elderly parent can be a huge time saver. If your parent wishes to age in their own home for as long as possible, moving some things to a storage unit will help if the time comes to move them into assisted living. The more you can box up and put away now, the less you will have to box up and put away later. Safety Moving unused or in the way items will go a long way in ensuring the safety of your parent. Keeping floors uncluttered and easy to maneuver will help prevent falls. This will also aid the process if a walker or wheelchair become necessary, even if only on occasion. It will also give your parent more time to age at home with ease. Ease of Maintaining Having fewer small items in the home will help your parent be able to keep a clean home. By having most of the small nick-knacks boxed away in storage, your parent has less to dust. This can be especially helpful if your parent has mobility issues or gets tired easily when moving about. It can also give your parent a sense of independence to be able to keep cleaning on their own. To help your parent, you can take photographs of treasured collection items and give them an album. This way they can still have the memories without the worry of keeping the item itself clean and unbroken. Easing Future Burdens By starting early, you can ease the future burden on your family when the sad day comes that your parent passes away. Instead of rushing to clean up your parent’s house so it can be sold or inherited, the only time restraint you have is how long you want to continue to pay for the storage unit. This can also help a family have a neutral place to meet and sort the heirloom items without a feeling of a turf war if the family is estranged. Less stress during the time of mourning is always better. As you can see, the benefits of renting a storage unit for your elderly parent who is still at home involve making any transitions easier, making the home safer, and making the home easier to...

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Commercial Moving Projects: Why It’s Best To Let The Experts Do The Dirty Work

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If you are moving into a smaller office space but you don’t want to get rid of the items that you won’t be using any longer, talk with the moving company about a storage space. Hiring a professional moving company and having them help you with the work may end up being the most practical thing. To move an entire commercial property efficiently, you would need to rent a moving truck, rent equipment to haul items, spend time packaging and loading and more. Instead, consider the following reasons why experts are best. Professionals Have Insurance The professional movers already have insurance to cover the items that are being moved from the old location to the new location, and to cover their employees. This means you don’t have to pay for items that get lost, damaged or destroyed during the move, or you may not have to worry about paying the medical bills if someone hurts their back or gets injured. Consider using professionals, so you know you are protected financially during the move. Time Could be Money Does spending the time to move take time away from your employees when they could be making money for your company, or does it force you to close your doors? If so, you don’t want to waste the time or have them take their time to do the move. Instead, pay the professionals and let them get the job done quickly. You can even get pricing for weekend movers or after hours movers that try to do everything after the day is done. Moving is a Skill Professional moving companies need licenses, and their employees go through training. They need to know how to lift pieces properly, how to lift the truck, how to package items properly, and how to unload a vehicle. If you don’t know how to do all of these things, the process could be physically tiring, difficult, time consuming and more. Let the trained professionals do the work instead. You can have the moving company take the items you aren’t going to be using into a storage unit until you need them or want to sell them, and you don’t have to haul the items there on your own. The company will do this on the way to the new location or after they leave your new commercial space. If you are downsizing and you need help with your business move, call the experts to get all the help you need. Talk to a local moving storage service for more...

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Using A Professional Moving Crew? Don’t Forget To Tip

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When you’re starting to get ready for an upcoming move, one of the big decisions that you’ll face is whether to handle your possessions on your own or hire a moving company. The latter choice is ideal, especially when you’re facing a long-distance move, for a number of reasons. Professional movers are not only adept at moving your belongings without damaging them, but will also work quickly to get the job done quicker than you could on your own. While expressing your thanks verbally is always important, the best way to show your gratitude is by tipping the crew at the end of the job. Here’s how to do it. Calculate A Percentage A common strategy for tipping your crew of movers is to confirm the price for the service and then collectively tip the crew about five percent. While your rate can vary according to a long list of factors, tipping around five percent often breaks down to giving each member of the crew between $10 and $20. Consider Any Extras Tipping five percent is a guideline; you shouldn’t feel any hesitation to tip greater than this suggested amount if you felt that the crew went above and beyond your expectations. Doing so can manifest itself in a number of different ways — perhaps the crew shows great attention to detail in moving a significant number of fragile pieces. You can also think about environmental or location-based factors concerning the move. Some people choose to tip each member of the moving crew a little extra if the weather is notably hot, cold or rainy, while some people also tip more if the movers had to negotiate several flights of stairs during the completion of the job. Giving The Tip You don’t need to feel the need to make a fuss about giving the tip. The best approach is to personally thank each member of the crew at the conclusion of the job and hand over the tip, in cash, at this time. If you really want your gratitude to have an impact, you can think about something specific and reference it, such as a mover showing hustle throughout the day. Other Ways To Say Thanks Beyond tipping, you can further show your gratitude to the moving crew by having some refreshments on hand. Typically, a cooler of cold water is sufficient, although offering hot drinks such as coffee on a cold day is also ideal. To learn more, contact a service like A W Moving &...

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Off-Site Storage vs. a Private Storage Shed: Proximity Doesn’t Make a Space Perfect

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If you need to move items out of your home and into storage—say you’re remodeling rooms in your home and can’t simply shove the furniture into a corner—storage units are an obvious option. However, if you have a storage shed in your backyard, it might occur to you to put things in there and save some money. That may not be the best idea, though. While a storage shed might seem OK, an actual storage unit can be a better choice. While you’d pay money, you’d also get extra protection for your belongings. Pests While storage facilities can have their pest problems, a facility can take care of pest control. A storage shed in your backyard is subject to any backyard pest that wants to crawl in under the door, and you have to take care of pest control yourself. You’re better off going with a professional storage facility that can move your belongings to another unit if there’s a real problem. Environmental Conditions Storage facilities are sometimes climate controlled. While your storage shed can be wired for air conditioning and heating, the offsite unit’s price includes utility costs. Using the air conditioning and heating in your shed will increase your utility bills. The shed is also subject to wet ground and minor flooding in heavy rains. Storage facilities are graded so that rainwater flows away from the units. Size Offsite self-storage units are available in different sizes, so you can tailor the storage space to your needs. While your own storage shed is pretty much free, assuming you’ve paid for it fully and don’t have costs lingering on a credit card, you can’t change the size. You could rent another shed, but that would cost you more money. You may as well choose one offsite storage unit that will fit everything. Security Moving items to an offsite storage unit might sound much less secure than leaving the items in your own backyard. However, self-storage units are usually kept behind several layers of security, from locked gates around the facility to at least the heavy-duty door on an outside storage unit. Units on the ground floor that are accessible from the outside usually have metal doors; interior units can have wood doors, but those units are still inside locked buildings. Your shed isn’t nearly as secure—all you have protecting it is maybe a locked side gate that someone could get over with a ladder or a flimsy lock. And backyard storage sheds have other weak points such as windows. Unless you live in an area where no one ever passes by your home, using the locked storage unit offsite is safer. Want more information about storage unit sizes and other perks? Contact a storage facility. Units open up all the time, but they also get reserved quickly, so do not wait if you’ve got to get your belongings into...

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Four Tips For Properly Storing Your Convertible During The Winter

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If you own a convertible that you want to keep in as good of condition as possible for as long as possible, consider storing it in an auto storage facility. The facility will protect it from the elements, while still giving you the ability to go and see it whenever you want. Before storing your convertible in an auto storage facility, use the tips that follow. Fill Your Gas Tank Before you put your vehicle in storage, fill the tank as much as you can. During the cold winter months, condensation can build in the tank and ruin the gas in the tank. By filling the tank, there will be no space for condensation to develop and thus water down the gasoline in the tank. Keep the Car Safe from Rodents Small rodents can get inside of vehicles and eat away at the interior and the wiring in the car. You want to be sure that you take the time to rodent-proof your storage unit with moth balls. Do not place the moth balls inside of the car because they will cause it to have a foul smell that will be very difficult to get out. Instead, place moth balls directly under the car so that rodents will stay away from it altogether. Add Storage Insurance to the Vehicle When you store a vehicle, you often do not need to have full coverage insurance on it because you will not be driving it. Instead, place storage insurance on your vehicle to ensure that it can be repaired if it is damaged while being stored. Storage insurance is often very affordable and covers just about anything that could happen to your vehicle while it is being stored. Keep the Keys with You Also, you want to be sure that you keep the keys to the vehicle with you instead of storing them in the glove box or in the center console. If someone were to gain access to your storage unit, having the keys in the vehicle will give them the ability to easily drive away with it. All of these tips will keep your car as safe as possible while it is in storage. You need to be sure that you take the time check on your car every so often while it is in storage to make sure that rodents or bugs have not caused damage to it and that the battery has not gone dead in it. Contact a company like The Storehouse Watertown for more...

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Don’t Let A Tight Budget Get In The Way Of Renting A Storage Unit

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Renting a storage unit can be a smart choice when you’ve got too many items kept inside your home. Instead of allowing your surplus possessions to clutter your living space, you can use the storage unit as a temporary home for what you don’t frequently use. If you’re on a tight budget, however, don’t be dissuaded from visiting a storage facility and renting a unit. Even if the unit is small, it can greatly help you maintain order in your home. You can save money off the cost of your unit rental with the following three strategies. Share The Space Finding a close acquaintance with whom to share the storage unit can cut your monthly rental fee in half. Contact those in your family and circle of friends to see who might have a need for a storage unit, and then suggest renting the space together and splitting the bill. With this strategy, and a check of the storage facility’s rates, you might be able to rent a larger unit for less than you’d otherwise have to spend to rent a smaller unit. You and your rental partner can each keep your possessions on either side of the unit and label them clearly to avoid confusion. Opt Out Of Extra Features You can often reduce the amount of your storage unit rental by opting out of features that you don’t need. Many storage facilities rent units with specific features that many clients find appealing, such as climate-controlled spaces and spaces that can be accessed with a vehicle. While useful, you don’t always need these features. For example, a climate-controlled space isn’t necessary if you’re primarily storing old clothing, seasonal items and books. If you take a look at the items you plan to store and decide you don’t need added features, renting a basic unit will save you money. Don’t Store Large Items Cutting down on the volume of the items you wish to store can help you rent a smaller, most cost-effective unit. Analyze what you plan to transport to the storage facility and note any large items such as furniture. Think how you might be able to avoid storing such items – perhaps you can loan an old couch to a family member or donate some old bookshelves to a local charity. In some cases, you might even consider throwing out or attempting to sell large items, as doing so will help you save money on each monthly bill. For more information, visit a storage unit like Midway...

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Safe, Efficient Moving For Computer Systems

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Whether you’re moving an entire department of computers or a single gaming rig that needs to remain flawless, the journey ahead is rife with peril. Shaky roads, sharp corners and the crushing weight of other packaged belongings can turn your computers into a box of disconnected parts at best, or a crunched pile of garbage if things get really hectic. To protect your technical investment, consider a few moving tips that can make your computer safer during the move.  Take Out The Components Especially in customized computers, there may be a lot of peripherals attached to the system that can stick out in strange ways. Universal Serial Bus (USB) sticks need to be removed to avoid snapping them during moving, but there are some other components on the inside that should be moved as well. Expansion cards are circuit boards in the shape of rectangular wafers that attach to the bigger circuit board that connects all other devices, the motherboard. Although these smaller boards can be secured by plastic pins and metal screws, they aren’t secure enough for transportation. Boards such as video cards (also known as graphics cards) have additional weight that can cause the card to sway back and forth, despite the security of mounting screws. The boards can snap at the socket and board connector, leaving you with a useless board that needs to be replace. Remove these boards before moving and place them inside a protective box. An anti-static bag is a good idea to avoid burning the electrical contacts with static while moving. Label the box if you’re moving multiple computers so you’ll know which boxes should go together. Bubble Wrap Isn’t Enough! Computer systems are sensitive, and there’s a lot of protection necessary. Unfortunately, wrapping the computer with bubble wrap only protects the computer case–that is, it only protects the part designed to protect the computer. Since the insides are still sensitive, you’ll need to place computers inside secure containers that can dampen movement. You’ll also need specialized packaging material to put inside the computer case to reduce shock on the internal components. You can’t just jam plastic packing peanuts, foam or sponge material inside the computer because of static problems. Instead, let movers know that you’re transporting computers so the proper moving supplies can be suggested. You can attempt to package the material inside and outside of the computer if you’d like, but it may be better to ask for a professional who has experience with specifically moving sensitive electronics. Contact a moving supplies and storage professional like Route 37 Self-Storage to begin planning a move that doesn’t destroy your computer...

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3 Tips For Moving Across Town

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Moving across town should be easier than moving a few states away or even a few hours away — but it is this comparative simplicity that trips some people up. Because they assume their move across town will be easy, many people make mistakes that cost them time, money, and their sanity when moving locally. Follow these tips, and you can avoid common pitfalls. Don’t rule out the possibility of hiring movers. Many people assume that since the move is short, they don’t need to hire movers and can handle the whole process themselves. The truth is, however, that moving across town requires the same amount of packing, loading, unpacking, and unloading as moving across the country. If you have a busy work schedule, a lot of family obligations to juggle, or a house full of possessions, then hiring movers will save you lots of headaches. Since they only have to haul your things a short distance, rates should be pretty reasonable. Give yourself enough time. Just like its easy to underestimate the effort involved in moving, it’s easy to underestimate the time involved. Don’t assume you can do it all in one day, even if it looks possible when you schedule it on paper. Sure, you might finish on time, but there are also so many things that can go wrong during a move that will cause delays. Your movers might be running late. You might have to wait for your landlord to give you keys. You might realize at the last minute that you forgot to clean out the new fridge. It’s wise to take the day you plan on moving off from work, and then take the next day off, too, in case you’re not finished. If you do get lucky and finish on time, you’ll enjoy having that day of rest to recover and start decorating your new place. Be careful whom you ask to help. It’s great to have people help you move and unpack — but there’s such a thing as too much help. With a local move, you’ll have your choice of helpers, so be selective in whom you invite. Don’t invite people who you think will be overly chatty and slow you down. Ask a few of your strongest, most motivated friends to help. Ask any more than three to five helpers, and they’ll just be tripping over one another. If you hire a moving company based on your needs, only ask the right friends to help, and give yourself enough time, your across-town move is sure to go more...

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How To Make Your Belongings Secure In An Outdoor Storage Unit

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An outdoor storage unit is convenient. You can drive right up to the door so you don’t have to carry heavy boxes very far. You can usually visit your outdoor unit any time you want, even at night. While it makes getting to your things a lot easier, it also puts them at higher risk than if you used an indoor unit that was always locked or under guard. Still, there are some things you can do to ensure your belongings are protected as well as possible in an outdoor storage unit. It all starts with choosing a strong lock and a facility with good security measures in place. Best Locks For Storage Units When you rent a storage unit, you’re usually responsible for buying the lock. One problem with locks is they can simply be cut off with a pair of bolt cutters. If not that, the locking mechanism can be drilled out or tampered with. Therefore, you want to buy a strong lock that a thief can’t break easily. A dedicated criminal can break into about any lock given enough time, so your goal should be to find a lock that requires a lot of work cut, drill, or pick. Disc and shrouded locks are good choices. Disc locks are harder to cut because they are shaped like a disc rather than having straight bars that can be grabbed with bolt cutters. Shrouded locks are covered with a steel plate, so it is very hard to cut or tamper with. To double your protection, you could use two locks on your storage unit, because that would take a thief twice as long to break through. The extra time may allow the thief to be picked up on a surveillance camera, or it may cause the thief to leave and look for easier locks to bust open. Security Features To Look For When you’re concerned about the security of your outdoor storage unit, you’ll want to visit it during the day and at night so you can assess the lighting. You don’t want to rent a unit that sits in shadows in a far corner of the lot. Make sure the lighting above your unit is bright, and that the whole outdoor area is well lit at night so there are no good hiding places for prowlers. Video surveillance is important too, and ideally, it should be monitored 24 hours a day. Captured footage is helpful in identifying a criminal after the fact, but live surveillance is necessary for catching a thief in action. Also, consider how well guarded the facility is at night. At the very least, it should have a locked gate that requires a card or code to open. Even if you take all the necessary steps to protect your storage unit, it’s possible it could get robbed by a determined criminal who thinks you have valuables inside. Therefore, be sure you document all your possessions for insurance purposes, so you know what is in the unit as well as its value. Also, mark your belongings so they can be easily identified and returned if they ever get stolen. To learn more, contact a secure outdoor storage company like Security Self...

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