Using A Professional Moving Crew? Don't Forget To Tip


When you're starting to get ready for an upcoming move, one of the big decisions that you'll face is whether to handle your possessions on your own or hire a moving company. The latter choice is ideal, especially when you're facing a long-distance move, for a number of reasons. Professional movers are not only adept at moving your belongings without damaging them, but will also work quickly to get the job done quicker than you could on your own. While expressing your thanks verbally is always important, the best way to show your gratitude is by tipping the crew at the end of the job. Here's how to do it.

Calculate A Percentage

A common strategy for tipping your crew of movers is to confirm the price for the service and then collectively tip the crew about five percent. While your rate can vary according to a long list of factors, tipping around five percent often breaks down to giving each member of the crew between $10 and $20.

Consider Any Extras

Tipping five percent is a guideline; you shouldn't feel any hesitation to tip greater than this suggested amount if you felt that the crew went above and beyond your expectations. Doing so can manifest itself in a number of different ways -- perhaps the crew shows great attention to detail in moving a significant number of fragile pieces. You can also think about environmental or location-based factors concerning the move. Some people choose to tip each member of the moving crew a little extra if the weather is notably hot, cold or rainy, while some people also tip more if the movers had to negotiate several flights of stairs during the completion of the job.

Giving The Tip

You don't need to feel the need to make a fuss about giving the tip. The best approach is to personally thank each member of the crew at the conclusion of the job and hand over the tip, in cash, at this time. If you really want your gratitude to have an impact, you can think about something specific and reference it, such as a mover showing hustle throughout the day.

Other Ways To Say Thanks

Beyond tipping, you can further show your gratitude to the moving crew by having some refreshments on hand. Typically, a cooler of cold water is sufficient, although offering hot drinks such as coffee on a cold day is also ideal.

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4 November 2015

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