Tips For Saving Space In Your Small Storage Unit


You may be surprised to learn just how big a self-storage unit really is. While the storage units on shows like Storage Wars can be fairly large, units can also be as small as a walk-in closet. That is why you need to know some tips for saving space in a storage unit so you are not wasting money on empty space.

Purge Things You Don't Need

The need for self-storage can often be rushed, since you may quickly need to remove things from your home that you don't have the room for anymore. It's important to take some time to go through the things that you plan to put in storage, and then purge items that you don't need to cut down on what goes to storage.

Evaluate Cost vs. Space of an Item

Self-storage isn't free, which is why you need consider the size of an item and the price of how much it costs. For instance, you may own a couch that's quite large but is relatively cheap and easy to replace. If the couch is consuming most of the storage unit, you may end up paying for the couch several times over by having it take up so much of a storage unit. Consider selling very large items that are cheap to replace if you eventually need them again.

Use Vacuum Space Bags

Many items are bulky and take a up a lot of room, but finding a way for them to take up less space can make it viable for storage. Old clothes, blankets, pillows, and bedding are perfect for storing in vacuum space saving bags. Fabric can shrink down fairly tight, which will allow you to store more things in the same amount of space.

Use The Empty Spaces

Many large items have empty spaces that can also be used for storing even more things. This can include a dresser, washing machine, or even a refrigerator. Don't let the empty space go to waste when you could be packing them with more things.

Use Boxes Instead of Bags

You might be trying to save money by using big garbage bags to store items in the storage unit, but they will be costing you money in wasted space. Boxes work great because you're able to stack them all the way to the storage unit's ceiling to maximize your space. Consider buying plastic bins that are made with clear plastic, since it will let you see inside each bin when you need to find something.

Now that you know these tips for saving space in storage, contact a self-storage company like Ventu Storage Center to get more information about renting a unit in your area. 


6 June 2016

Packing More Efficiently

When I realized that my things would be in storage for a few years, I realized that packing efficiently was going to be the key to my success. Instead of tossing everything into boxes and hoping for the best, I worked slowly and deliberately, carefully wrapping knick-knacks and family heirlooms. I didn't want anything to get crushed or damaged while it was in storage. I loaded my storage unit carefully, and made a map of where everything went. It might seem silly, but my careful preparations made a huge difference when I unloaded my unit later. Check out this website for tips on how to pack more efficiently.