Don't Let A Tight Budget Get In The Way Of Renting A Storage Unit


Renting a storage unit can be a smart choice when you've got too many items kept inside your home. Instead of allowing your surplus possessions to clutter your living space, you can use the storage unit as a temporary home for what you don't frequently use. If you're on a tight budget, however, don't be dissuaded from visiting a storage facility and renting a unit. Even if the unit is small, it can greatly help you maintain order in your home. You can save money off the cost of your unit rental with the following three strategies.

Share The Space

Finding a close acquaintance with whom to share the storage unit can cut your monthly rental fee in half. Contact those in your family and circle of friends to see who might have a need for a storage unit, and then suggest renting the space together and splitting the bill. With this strategy, and a check of the storage facility's rates, you might be able to rent a larger unit for less than you'd otherwise have to spend to rent a smaller unit. You and your rental partner can each keep your possessions on either side of the unit and label them clearly to avoid confusion.

Opt Out Of Extra Features

You can often reduce the amount of your storage unit rental by opting out of features that you don't need. Many storage facilities rent units with specific features that many clients find appealing, such as climate-controlled spaces and spaces that can be accessed with a vehicle. While useful, you don't always need these features. For example, a climate-controlled space isn't necessary if you're primarily storing old clothing, seasonal items and books. If you take a look at the items you plan to store and decide you don't need added features, renting a basic unit will save you money.

Don't Store Large Items

Cutting down on the volume of the items you wish to store can help you rent a smaller, most cost-effective unit. Analyze what you plan to transport to the storage facility and note any large items such as furniture. Think how you might be able to avoid storing such items – perhaps you can loan an old couch to a family member or donate some old bookshelves to a local charity. In some cases, you might even consider throwing out or attempting to sell large items, as doing so will help you save money on each monthly bill.

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20 October 2015

Packing More Efficiently

When I realized that my things would be in storage for a few years, I realized that packing efficiently was going to be the key to my success. Instead of tossing everything into boxes and hoping for the best, I worked slowly and deliberately, carefully wrapping knick-knacks and family heirlooms. I didn't want anything to get crushed or damaged while it was in storage. I loaded my storage unit carefully, and made a map of where everything went. It might seem silly, but my careful preparations made a huge difference when I unloaded my unit later. Check out this website for tips on how to pack more efficiently.