Easy Tips To Follow When Choosing A Moving Company


If you're going to be moving out of state and you aren't sure how to get the best deal on a moving company you can trust, there are a few different things you can try. You can research the companies to find out which ones get good ratings on the Better Business Bureau website, and you'll want to find out what services are included in their packages. Consider the following things when you go to pick a moving service.

Find a Multi-Location Company

Find a company that has a location where you are moving from, and near where you are moving to. This way the company doesn't have to worry about having a truck that is empty traveling long distances. The company may have their workers unload your move, and pick up another in that area. Also, if they have tons of trucks and drivers, you may be able to get the company to do a weekday or during the day, instead of at night or in the evenings when rates can increase.

Get Quotes

Get multiple different quotes from companies to see what each company wants to charge you, and investigate each company to avoid moving scams.  Pick a company that has a set rate and not one that says the price can vary on the day of the move, based on the time and the amount of stuff. You want to know what you're paying in advance, so you don't get surprise fees. Use the quotes against each other to negotiate the best rate from moving companies.

Ask About Insurance

Make sure that the insurance policy the moving company carries is enough to cover all of the items you'll have loaded in the moving truck. You may also want to see if you should take out a moving insurance policy. The company should be able to give you a policy amount, so you know how much is covered, and check the statement to see if they will replace and refund all damaged items.

A company that says they aren't responsible for the belongings during the move or transport isn't a company you'll want to use to move all of your stuff. There are moving companies that will guarantee your satisfaction, and that will promise to refund you for any items that are damaged beyond use again. If you are planning an out of state move you need to have a great moving company you can rely on.

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9 October 2015

Packing More Efficiently

When I realized that my things would be in storage for a few years, I realized that packing efficiently was going to be the key to my success. Instead of tossing everything into boxes and hoping for the best, I worked slowly and deliberately, carefully wrapping knick-knacks and family heirlooms. I didn't want anything to get crushed or damaged while it was in storage. I loaded my storage unit carefully, and made a map of where everything went. It might seem silly, but my careful preparations made a huge difference when I unloaded my unit later. Check out this website for tips on how to pack more efficiently.