Growing Your Online Sales Inventory Using Self-Storage Units


Becoming a seller on the online auction websites can help to generate additional income for your household. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find enough space in your home to store the inventory for your sales. One way to increase your inventory without having everything take over your home is to use a local storage unit to keep all of your inventory in. Before you go boxing everything up to take to storage, there are a few things that you can do to make the selling process much easier for you while storing your inventory away from your home.

Take Pictures

Before you box or package anything, get several pictures of the item from all angles. The background of the pictures should be plain and shouldn't distract the potential buyers of the products that you are offering.

Create an Inventory Log

Now that you have pictures, create an inventory log on your computer. Include an inventory number, a description, and the pictures that you have taken. Be careful as you number each item because this is the code that you will use when you pull and send the item that your buyer has purchased. Mistakes made now will result in your customer receiving the wrong item.

Package the Items

Prior to hauling your inventory over to the storage unit, package everything up. Pack and weigh each item and log the weight onto the inventory log. This will help you in the shipping process.

Tip: Remove the batteries from any battery operated product to protect the product from damage from battery acid leaks.

Box Up the Inventory

As you box up the inventory to take it to storage, do so in an organized manner. Use the inventory number to put the packages in the boxes in numerical order. On the outside of the box, write what inventory numbers are contained in the box.

Organize the Storage Unit

Multiple shelving units are necessary to have a truly organized space. If the unit begins to become overfull, purchase some shelving units on wheels. This way, you can use the storage space in the center of the unit and still be able to access the contents on the back wall by rolling the moving shelves out of the unit.

Choose a climate-controlled storage unit for your inventory. This way, you know that moisture, heat and cold won't damage your inventory as you wait for the items to sell. Talk with your local storage unit facility manager to learn about the hours that the units are accessible and if there are any restrictions that could prevent it from housing your inventory without breaking any rules.

For professional storage options, contact a company such as American Storage.


30 September 2015

Packing More Efficiently

When I realized that my things would be in storage for a few years, I realized that packing efficiently was going to be the key to my success. Instead of tossing everything into boxes and hoping for the best, I worked slowly and deliberately, carefully wrapping knick-knacks and family heirlooms. I didn't want anything to get crushed or damaged while it was in storage. I loaded my storage unit carefully, and made a map of where everything went. It might seem silly, but my careful preparations made a huge difference when I unloaded my unit later. Check out this website for tips on how to pack more efficiently.