Avoid Treble: Store Your Piano In One Of These Three Low Places To Keep It Safe


The very definition of treble refers to "high," so avoiding treble means that you want to avoid high notes or high places. As you will see, this definition of "treble" can apply to piano storage. You do not want to store your piano in a high (treble) place, but a low place. (You also want to store your piano where the temperature and humidity levels will not trouble the sound board.) Here are three low places that make for excellent piano storage.

Below the Stage on an Elevator Platform

Whenever possible, it makes the most sense to store a piano underneath a stage and cover it with a piano tarp. If the piano is also a grand or baby grand, then it makes really good sense to store it right on top of the elevator platform that lifts the piano through a trapdoor to the stage. Storing it under the stage keeps the piano safe from the elements, protects it against theft and vandalism, and stores it conveniently close to the performance area.

In a Temperature-Controlled Storage Unit

Because pianos rely heavily on their sound boards for perfect tune and pitch, the piano must be stored where heat, humidity and freezing temperatures cannot affect it. A temperature-controlled storage unit on the ground level is ideal because you can control how much humidity the piano is exposed to and set the storage unit temperature for a constant level consistent with the proper care and storage of a piano. Avoid storing the piano in a second story storage unit to avoid damage associated with high wind storms, tornadoes, structural collapse, etc. Stick to the storage unit companies that have only one level on the ground.

With a Piano Seller

Some piano sellers provide piano storage on their properties. If you select this option, you can also take advantage of the store's expert piano tuners and piano repair. Since they are in the business of selling, repairing and delivering pianos, you can request that the store pick up and drop off your piano any time you need it. They can also tune it for you prior to delivering it to your performance stage such that you do not have to hire a separate piano tuner to do the job before your performance. When your performance is over, you can have the piano sellers pick the piano back up and return it to their store or piano warehouse for safekeeping. (They never store their pianos up high, either.)

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24 September 2015

Packing More Efficiently

When I realized that my things would be in storage for a few years, I realized that packing efficiently was going to be the key to my success. Instead of tossing everything into boxes and hoping for the best, I worked slowly and deliberately, carefully wrapping knick-knacks and family heirlooms. I didn't want anything to get crushed or damaged while it was in storage. I loaded my storage unit carefully, and made a map of where everything went. It might seem silly, but my careful preparations made a huge difference when I unloaded my unit later. Check out this website for tips on how to pack more efficiently.