Growing Your Online Sales Inventory Using Self-Storage Units


Becoming a seller on the online auction websites can help to generate additional income for your household. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find enough space in your home to store the inventory for your sales. One way to increase your inventory without having everything take over your home is to use a local storage unit to keep all of your inventory in. Before you go boxing everything up to take to storage, there are a few things that you can do to make the selling process much easier for you while storing your inventory away from your home.

30 September 2015

5 Reasons To Store Holiday Gifts In A Storage Unit This Holiday Season


Keeping presents hidden during the holidays can be difficult if you have a home that is already packed with items and with nosey family members. If you have family that hunts for their presents year after year, throw them for a loop by storing their presents in a storage facility this year. The following guide walks you through a few of the benefits of storing holiday presents in a storage facility rather than storing them at your home.

25 September 2015

Avoid Treble: Store Your Piano In One Of These Three Low Places To Keep It Safe


The very definition of treble refers to "high," so avoiding treble means that you want to avoid high notes or high places. As you will see, this definition of "treble" can apply to piano storage. You do not want to store your piano in a high (treble) place, but a low place. (You also want to store your piano where the temperature and humidity levels will not trouble the sound board.) Here are three low places that make for excellent piano storage.

24 September 2015

Need To Cut Back On Your Self-Storage Costs? Consider These 3 Potential Discounts


While you may want to get some things out of sight that are in your home or apartment, having the additional cost of a storage unit will be something you need to fit into your budget. Those small rooms that are on average 150 square feet can easily cost as much as $140 every single month. Every dollar you save helps, which is why you should look into one of these three discounts on your storage unit.

15 September 2015

Are We There Yet? Tips For Handling A Long-Distance Move As A Parent


Moving itself can be one a challenging task, but throw in several miles worth of distance and a couple of kids, and you could have an all out nightmare that has you ready to pull your hair out. However, just because you are facing a longer-than-usual move as a parent, it does not mean that the process has to leave you emotionally and physically drained (or missing any hair) when you do finally make it to your new home.

9 July 2015